Pic is worth 1000 words

At the time of the photo on the left, I was exercising and eating "healthy" and starting to think the extra ten pounds I was carrying after my second child was not going anywhere.  I had dropped most of the weight, but the ten pounds was definitely not moving.  2 years of physicals in a row and my Dr. wanted me to lose the ten pounds. I stopped trying.  I redirected my efforts into reading books, originally about weight loss which quickly led me to reading books like 100 Health-Boosting Foods and nutrition books that were family friendly.  In the beginning almost everything strongly encouraged to cut back on the amount of meat we were eating.  I decided to try it.  The picture on the left was at the end of April of this year, the picture on the right was the beginning of July.  I am consistently at my goal weight, without any effort or planning involved.  I eat when I'm hungry, I go for a walk when I feel like it, I workout when I have extra energy I want to burn off so I can sleep better at night.  I have never felt so balanced.

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