Make sushi at home. Don't be scared, it's not so bad.

Don't be intimidated by sushi.  It's really not that complicated.  It only seems like it should be, because of the price tag at the restaurant.  And yes, you can make vegan sushi! No problem.  Our favorite rolls to make are:

The California Roll
(vegan, of course)



The Guacamole Roll

[Avocado.Heirloom Tomato.White Onion]

You probably notice I use heirloom tomatoes a lot.  You can use regular tomatoes instead, it is a perfectly acceptable exchange.  I prefer heirloom tomatoes, because they taste spectacular.  That's all.

I put the link  underneath the picture to get you started on how to prepare the rice, and the basic steps involved in making sushi.

You spread the rice out on top of the nori, or vice versa, depending on how you like to eat it.  I prefer to eat it with the rice on the outside because it soaks up more of the wasabi/soy sauce combination.  I'm better at rolling with the rice on the inside though, so that's usually the route I go.  Then you place the layer of vegetable combinations that you have chosen on the edge closest to you and roll it up.  You can find a rolling mat at most asian markets close to you.  I usually do not use the rolling mat anymore, and roll by hand.  You can do whatever works best for you.  It's important to make sure you roll it tight, otherwise it becomes difficult to cut once you are done.

Try it out!  Even if it's a disaster, at least it's fun and you can say you did it.

If you DO try it out, take some pics and send them to me! I'd love to see them.

This pic I just thought was adorable, and obviously I loved the panda.

By the way; For those familiar with nori, yes that is a small piece of nori.  I cut the nori in half to make more rolls, so we're having mini-rolls tonight. :)