Truth be told....

I fell off the wagon... and got ran over by the horses behind me... and then took a nap because I convinced myself it was comfortable down there. Now, I'm awake.

I started a new job, ended a marriage, and in the middle of new beginnings I fell into old habits. It started with cream in my coffee and ended with meat working it's way in to my daily diet. My energy level has drastically changed, so my daily exercise routine has now become a ten minute workout once every week or two. My sleep schedule is all over the place. I gained over twenty pounds. I went from my goal weight of 168lbs to 190lbs. My muscle tone is surviving, but it has no doubt become increasingly harder to see. I am at a turning point and know something has to give. I'm going to flip back through books and blog entries that previously inspired me and get myself back on track. I have started trying to cut back on excessive eating, and have thrown in some extra workouts and stretch exercises. This weekend I plan to clean up my kitchen space and stock it with some health friendly options.

"Eighty percent of success is showing up."