I was at the mall and Teavana had a wonderful combination that I had to grab.

They mixed their Strawberry Lemonade tea with their Blueberry Bliss tea.

The results are amazing. 
So I had to buy both, of course, and mix them at home myself.

But when you have two....
..you give one to a friend.

So a good friend of mine has the matching "Blueberry Bliss" label
and that is why it can't be shown in this photograph.

Live. Laugh. Love.


Still working out doing my random hula hoop, dance, slightly yoga inspired workouts.  Have not bought a DVD player yet for the Insanity DVD, still getting the house all put back together and that's taking a little while.

Always, always time with the kids though - never too busy for that:

Next challenge: Getting our diet back on track!!!
Wish me luck.