Vegan Fridge

Salad crazy

So I picked up some sweet potatoes this past week.  I don't know why I've never tried to make them before.  I wasn't sure what to even do with them.  I got two of them.  I ended up seeing the two sweet potatoes, and a random fuji apple sitting in the bowl at the end of the week and I decided to bake all three of them while I cleaned the house, and got lunch ready.  I let them bake until they were soft.  I took them out and sliced them up, leaving the skin on the potatoes but I did take it off of the apple - the apple skin seemed questionable in texture at this point.  After I diced them up, I mashed them a little just to give allow for differences in texture.  I then started adding things that seemed like they might taste good with sweet potatoes.  I added agave nectar, earth's best buttery spread, cinnamon, chai spice blend, vanilla extract, vanilla almond milk, and possibly a few other ingredients I can't even remember now.  I mixed it all together, then I tried it.  It was REALLY good!  To make it kid friendly, I cut up some prunes and crumbled some golden grahams on the top and served it.  I definitely will be making it again in the future.

I also was in a mood to try something new with salad, and I have been picking up a variety of salad dressings I would never have considered trying back in the days my Mom tried to push healthy choices. I put different types of lettuce in a bowl, added broccoli, raw green beans, diced red onions, diced prunes, shredded carrots, sliced strawberries, and topped with the mango dressing. 

Right now I am waiting for a cake to finish baking.  I started with a lemon poppyseed cake, then read you can replace eggs with applesauce so I added a peach mango applesauce that I had, I replaced the milk with vanilla almond milk, then I sprinkled chai spice blend, cinnamon, and lemon peel across the top before I put it in the oven to bake.  

And, it's done!

It was YUMMY!

I even found soy whipped topping because my
daughter is a huge whipped cream fan.