Accidental discovery

I'm a HUGE fan of biscuits and gravy.  HUGE.  That's relevant.  I recently got some Pepperidge Farm ciabatta bread, and I don't claim to be able to read labels well - but from what I gathered it was vegan.  I wanted to try one so I took one out and broke off a piece of it and it tasted very southern texas style toast type bread.  The texture was different though, more like a biscuit.  My husband was making vegetable soup, and I dipped the bread into it because my husband just did it and it seemed like a good idea.  I ate it, and it was AMAZING.  It had all the texture that I love from good southern style biscuits and gravy (with the brown gravy, think: thinner, not thick texture) but AMAZING flavor from all the vegetables cooking in the vegan veggie broth.  SO good.  I'm making a note of this because I definitely don't want to forget this accidental discovery.

Try it. Trust me. ;)