What didn't I eat for dinner? lol

Vegetable Soup, Magic Sandwiches, and Watermelon


Saute celery, white onion and carrots in skillet until tender
then add to vegetable stock in saucepan.
As vegetable stock warms, slice and grill french bread in a skillet.
Place french bread in your bowl,
dice some raw chanterelle mushrooms and sprinkle on top of the bread.
 Then spoon vegetable soup into bowl.



Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, red onion,
spinach, basil, and smoked black peppercorn

Assemble and enjoy.


..... I think you got this one.

Oh and!

For those curious:

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Love them!

Can be found at the Whole Foods Store. Just sayin'...