Happy Birthday!!

My son is 9 today!


I love you.


Gone, but not lost.

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog.  I kind of lost focus, and forgot about it.  Forgot may be the wrong word, I've been aware of it - just not motivated to make entries.  I have been taking pictures of a lot of meals we have had, so I will be playing catch up fairly soon.

Until then, here is a repeat of a meal I've already posted - but have recently had.

I get the chipotle black bean burgers and cook them on the grill.  Once they're done, I cut them into strips that would fit in a hot dog roll.  As a topping, I dice red onions, red bell peppers, serrano peppers, and avocados and toss them in olive oil with some cilantro.  This time we also added balsamic vinegar, and it was really good.  I definitely suggest you try this if you are not sure about vegan food.  It's definitely worth tasting, and my friends who have tried it have given great reviews.  So good!