For those who wonder...

For those who wonder why I spend countless hours reading books, and making repeated trips to the library and browsing the internet all in the name of health, nutrition and overall well being...

For every book I've read, I have at least 
a dozen more pictures like the ones you see above.
My friends and my family know... they've seen most of them.
So it should not be too surprising, given my curious nature,
that I ended up where I did.

One visit to the hospital is probably enough to make you pick up books like,

and start to guide yourself down the path I've ended up on.  I've spent too many hours in hospitals, Dr.'s offices, and other similar places.  I'll do whatever I can do at home, to make sure she has a better chance of staying out of those places. That's my motivation. That's why I take it so seriously. 

I'm glad I do.

Blue Bean Taco

Last time I used refried beans and made a taco.

This time I decided to use pinto beans, whole, cooked with onion, kale and other yummy things.  You can prepare them any way you want though.  It's not that important. Then I topped it with diced heirloom tomatoes, white onion, avocado and baby arugula.

Just an idea.  Turned out great! Thought I'd share.