Sushi! Happy Halloween!


No surprise, considering it is a favorite in my house.  My Mom had never tried it before though, and was not sure about it.  I assumed she wouldn't eat it, but she loved it!  We made a couple rolls with cucumber and avocado, and a couple rolls with fried tofu and avocado with unagi glaze, it was phenomenal.  Then we did the avocado and sticky rice wrapped in nori because we had it at a restaurant Friday night and it was so simple but so good.

The unagi glaze is:

1 Tbsp Rice Wine
2 1/2 Tbsp Mirin
3 Tbsp Soy
2 1/2 Tbsp Sugar

You cook it on the stove until the sugar dissolves, be careful not to burn it.  It has a sticky, almost honey-like consistency when it sets.  It is so good.  I recommend trying it.

Happy Halloween!!

[Back in the day...]

My favorite holiday of the year.
[Also, my anniversary.]


Have a safe night everyone.