Make sushi at home. Don't be scared, it's not so bad.

Don't be intimidated by sushi.  It's really not that complicated.  It only seems like it should be, because of the price tag at the restaurant.  And yes, you can make vegan sushi! No problem.  Our favorite rolls to make are:

The California Roll
(vegan, of course)



The Guacamole Roll

[Avocado.Heirloom Tomato.White Onion]

You probably notice I use heirloom tomatoes a lot.  You can use regular tomatoes instead, it is a perfectly acceptable exchange.  I prefer heirloom tomatoes, because they taste spectacular.  That's all.

I put the link  underneath the picture to get you started on how to prepare the rice, and the basic steps involved in making sushi.

You spread the rice out on top of the nori, or vice versa, depending on how you like to eat it.  I prefer to eat it with the rice on the outside because it soaks up more of the wasabi/soy sauce combination.  I'm better at rolling with the rice on the inside though, so that's usually the route I go.  Then you place the layer of vegetable combinations that you have chosen on the edge closest to you and roll it up.  You can find a rolling mat at most asian markets close to you.  I usually do not use the rolling mat anymore, and roll by hand.  You can do whatever works best for you.  It's important to make sure you roll it tight, otherwise it becomes difficult to cut once you are done.

Try it out!  Even if it's a disaster, at least it's fun and you can say you did it.

If you DO try it out, take some pics and send them to me! I'd love to see them.

This pic I just thought was adorable, and obviously I loved the panda.

By the way; For those familiar with nori, yes that is a small piece of nori.  I cut the nori in half to make more rolls, so we're having mini-rolls tonight. :)


  1. yum yuuuum yummy! I'm following you now, btw.

    what's your exercise regimen?

  2. It's funny - but I thought about you when I posted this. lol My fellow sushi lover. My exercise regimen has been wicked relaxed since I went vegan, well compared to what it was before. I guess for some people, it may not seem so relaxed. I walk 4-6 miles about 4 times a week on average. Some weeks I go every day, some weeks I go less. I put on my iPod and zone out and walk it off, or I jog. It depends on my mood, the day, and the weather outside. I do some exercises on my stability ball for my abs (about 10 minutes) and I use barbells to do some workouts for my arms. Sometimes I do random exercises I come up with that works out arms and abs so I can save time. Regardless, I do that about 10-15 minutes about 2 days a week. Sometimes 3. Usually 2. ;) That's really all I do. It's just not as hard to see results when you're not wearing layers of fat. All that just melted away when I switched to a vegan diet. You should try it, just for a month, and if you don't like it - fine. But I bet you'll be surprised.... Not just with weight loss, but with overall mood and energy levels. Let me know if you decide to do it. You can always text me if you have any questions about whether or not something is vegan, or ideas for snacks and meals. <3 xoxo

  3. BTW 4 miles takes me an hour, 6 miles is about an hour and a half. It seems like it would be something you wouldn't want to do regularly - but it's amazing how that hour works in your favor. It's very therapeutic, and just lets you run everything through your mind that you've been pushing to the side all day to deal with the speed of life. It's important to me now, and I make sure I find time to do it. Whether it means I wake up early and go, or in the afternoon as soon as I get home from work, or after dinner. Sometimes I don't feel like going, and I put my shoes on and I leave my house anyway and about 3 blocks into it, I'm so glad I'm doing it.

  4. It sounds amazing.. I'm not sure that I could ever cut out milk, eggs, etc.. but adding more beans and veggies, than anything else, definitely sounds good. :D I need to work out, period. I love walking but always seem to feel guilty that I'm leaving the house/kids. I feel like a caged animal, now that I'm a SAHM again... & bouts of depression and low energy are eating away at my soul. :( So I'm up to try it. Glad you are being a healthy, smart human! I'll be reading every post.

    I've been practicing my photography a LOT. I completely use my nikkon in manual and took a bunch a photos for Quakecon with some expensive lenses I rented. It was fun. Check out my blog for photos. <3!


  5. Well, small changes are better than no changes. I think it's awesome if you make any steps towards a healthier way of life. So more power to you. The more you substitute and get comfortable with, the more you can continue to do so and you may be vegan within a year or two. ;) I started out reading books that suggested cutting animal protein down to 1-2 meals a week, and having fish a couple nights a week, then the remaining meals be vegetarian. I was doing that faithfully before I entered the world of being vegan. Even little stuff, like switching from milk to almond milk or soy or coconut, etc. And I know what you mean about feeling guilty that you're leaving the house. I originally shared those thoughts. And at first I did feel the stress of leaving. Then I noticed that it gave them a chance to bond with their father (I know you know his name, but I haven't been writing my actual information on this public blog - you know how that goes) without relying on me. They've gotten closer as a result. Also, it's been good for me and it gives me time to work out any stress I'm dealing with whether it's work related, personal, or physical. It's such a relief, and release - that when I'm with them, I'm in better spirits and more pleasant to be around anyway. An hour a day is not something you should feel guilty for. And your health should be a priority. If you're not taking care of yourself, you can't really take care of anybody else. At least not on the level you're capable of. So do it to it. ;)

    BTW - I think that's awesome!! I'll definitely go check it out. I've always like your perspective and composition in general. And you're creative with editing, and it always comes out really well. I think you would be an awesome professional photographer, and you could edit the photos and people would love it. Way better than the same backdrops, and studio lighting that traditional places offer.

  6. BTW - You do realize we have the same camera right? lol I'm gonna have to get some tips from you. We'll trade off - health for photography.