Photovisi.com, Grape-cubes, Mac & Chreese, etc.

So... I don't like ice cubes from the fridge.  They always carry a scent.  It doesn't matter if you put baking soda in there or not.  I don't care what anyone says.  They smell.  So I'm a snob when it comes to iced drinks at home.  I decided to freeze some grapes that no one was really interested in eating, and use them as ice cubes.  Why not?  It worked awesome.  I used an insulated cup with a lid, and it kept my tea cold and looked interesting at the same time.  I like interesting.  :)  Also decided to eat some more of the vegetable soup from the other night.  That made me remember I took a pic of it the night I strained some of the juice and tore up the ciabatta bread and watched tv with a wicked good snack in hand.  Yeah, I use my daughter's dishes sometimes.  Whatever works.  Also my son wanted some Mac & Chreese penne pasta, so I cooked it and added some Earth Balance buttery spread, nutritional yeast, fresh ground black pepper, and kosher salt and it was good enough I had to eat a bowl of that too.  My daughter was in the mood for some junk food, and seemed almost sold on apple slices with peanut butter, and then was completely sold when I added some frosting - just because.  I realize frosting isn't healthy, but it's a lot healthier than other "junk" foods I used to let her eat when she wanted something like that.  So I'm okay with it. I also am on a pita kick, and I've been filling them with a variety of things or just eating them plain.  The one in the picture I filled with; a boca chicken nugget, broccoli, lettuce, baby carrots, and drizzled with raspberry cabernet dressing.

ALSO! I'm loving the website www.photovisi.com to make quick, easy collages.

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