Yearly Physical... =D

I'm just going to ramble... because that's what I do.

So today was my yearly physical.  I went to the Dr.'s appointment, and I was curious what my weight would be.  Who knows how reliable the scale I use at home is. So I step on to the scale, and I see her move the bottom to 150 which is normal.  Then I see her move the top to the 22 and it was too heavy! I weighed in at...
----- 170!-----

So obviously I was already excited about that. 

Then my Dr. comes in to talk to me.  He asks me if there is anything I'm currently taking daily.  I say No. He then goes through the list of medications I previously had to use frequently, and had refilled multiple times.  He clarifies that I am no longer taking any of the medications.  I say No.  He says how great it is.  He also comments on my weight, and says I look great. (Same Dr. who wanted me to weigh what I currently weigh.) He starts going through the list of questions that I always have to go through for a physical, and he asks if there is anything different.  I tell him that I am vegan now, as is my entire family.  He smiles and says I'm a girl after his heart.  I ramble about some things I have read, and reasons I switched over and he adds his own input because he is also mostly vegan with an occasional serving of fish and he still likes cheese.  I tell him I read about casein and how addictive cheese is, and he says it's true - and that it causes the same reaction as a drug.  He jokingly says he needs his cheese high. We talked about my history of being anemic, and ways to get iron - and I tell him we cook with a cast iron skillet, and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in iron and I pair them with vitamin C so my body can readily absorb them.  He asks if I take a multivitamin and I tell him I drink Malibu Miracle every morning with coconut water. 

We talked about slaughterhouses, and the practices that go along with that and how disturbing it is.  We also talked about how hard it is on our bodies to eat animal based foods. He was glowing, he was so happy to hear about my changes.  Before I left he came back out in the waiting room to shake my hand and told me I was making a great change and he was happy for me.

Before I left though, I also decide to tell him I'm going back to school next month, with the long term goal of being accepted to a nursing program. He says he wants to write a personal reference letter for me, just stating that he's known me for 4 years, and I'm highly intelligent and that he thinks I would do well in the program.  After I mention that I've heard that it is more likely to get accepted into the program if you have volunteered in an actual office and had some experience in the field to show that you really know what you are getting into, he says he would be happy to have me volunteer in his office at that time. He also says I could work and interact with the other Dr.'s and get more reference letters for my file.  Then he tells me I should go to med school.  I will work hard either way, it's just more of a commitment.  He thinks I would do really well, and I should think about it.  

So on a happiness scale of 1-10, right now... I'm a 10.

I like being a 10.

"The standard diet of a meat-eater is, flesh, veins, muscles, tendons,
cow secretions, hen periods and bee vomit.
And once a year during a certain holiday in November,
meat-eaters use the hollowed-out rectum of a 
dead bird as a pressure cooker for stuffing.
And people think vegans are weird because we eat tofu?" 

- vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke

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